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TechSkills-Indianapolis: Accreditation, Admissions and Tuition Expenses

Tuition, Fees, and Estimated Student Expenses

Largest Program Program Length Average Completion
System Administration/Administrator 555 contact hours 10 months
Next largest programs 2009-2010
Program Program Length Average Completion Tuition and fees Books and supplies
Information Technology 360 contact hours 10 months $7,450 $2,800
Medical Insurance Coding Specialist/Coder 720 contact hours 12 months $5,840 $3,060
Medical Office Management/Administration 360 contact hours 10 months $4,700 $2,800
Pharmacy Technician/Assistant 640 contact hours 12 months $4,955 $2,845
Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications 200 contact hours 2 months $1,425 $825
  • No detailed yearly expense data available.
Alternative Tuition Plans
Type of Plan Offered
Tuition guarantee plan  
Prepaid tuition plan  
Tuition payment plan X
Other alternative tuition plan



  • This institution does not admit full-time first-time degree/certificate-seeking students, therefore admission information was not reported.



  • No accreditation data reported for this institution.